Werner Kühn Werner Kühn

Managing Partner

Real estate diploma holder (certificate Freiburg VWA)

Since 1983 successfully in national borkerage, former managing partner of Partner of Woitzik and Partner Immobilien GmbH

Andreas Haufe Andreas Haufe

Managing Partner

Basic and advanced diplomas in banking

Intensive study of retail properties at European Business School (EBS)

Since 1994 various activities in the real estate sector for example Sales Department Manager at Kemper’s City Makler and Comfort GmbH

Pio Schliephacke Pio Schliephacke

Management Assistant in Real Estate

Since 2007 in our company

Since 2010 in the function of investor and owner service

Sabine Westphal Sabine Westphal

In our company since 1994

Assistant to the management team

Reception area